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Hitech Advanced BioReactor Systems - a new generation of SBR technologies

Hitech BioReactors Ltd was formed after years of evaluating, designing, commissioning and working with SBRs. The lessons learned and real world requirements of this technology have been distilled into our own designs.


We have developed a superb design system for our SBRs which enables us to predict performance accurately for all conditions of flow, load, and temperature. We offer the quickest, most accurate design service available, helping us to deliver the best performance/ least cost solution to the client.


Whilst retaining the simplicity of batch reactor technology, we have developed novel strategies to improve performance, particularly in filament control, and to maximise flexibility, enabling the system to cope with a very wide range of flow and load conditions. We have systematically worked through every function of the SBR process, and optimised it. We have developed our SBR in close collaboration with our suppliers, and our plant includes the highest quality systems, components and materials available. We offer our own in-house "floating arm" decanters, and our control software is the result of a five year development programme.


Our extensive experience of aeration systems allows us to offer the most appropriate type for a particular application, and our design is readily adaptable to virtually all mainstream commercial systems. Our systems are designed to maximise flexibility and performance, with minimum running costs and maintenance. Design, installation, commissioning and training is included in the service, and we are confident of meeting the most exacting specification demands.



Libya - Hitech are pleased to be associated with C D Bissell Engineering Services Ltd – a Libyan registered company. We have a long association with this Contractor, providing design expertise on all of the Water and Wastewater projects in which C D Bissell are involved. Working alongside African Coast Construction, the ability and facilities of this ‘association’ is second to none in this part of the world.



In Libya – Tel: 00218 214 815329 (Mr B Mshaya)


Iran - We are also pleased to be associated with Iranian contractor Behrad-Pardis Construction and Technical Company. The arrangement is not fully formalised, but shows promise for future developments in Environmental Engineering in Iran.


In Iran - Tel: 0098 21 88289691 (Mr F Razmand)



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