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Hitech offers a comprehensive range of Process Testing services, including aeration and mixing systems of all types.

Hitech process testing services include:

Oxygen Transfer Testing

We are able to assess the performance of aeration systems both under clean water standard conditions, and also under in-process working conditions. We are highly competitive in this specialised area, and maintain up-to-date equipment for accurate and reliable results.


The test methods employed are:


Clean Water, Unsteady State

Logging Dissolved Oxygen probes are used to measure the rate of re-oxygenation. De-oxygenation is carried out using nitrogen gas or sodium sulphite, catalysed by cobalt chloride, according to the mixing conditions within the aeration tank. Using computer software, linear regression analysis is used to analyse the data for Kla, SOTR (Standard Oxygen Transfer Rate), SOTE (Standard Oxygen Transfer Efficiency) and SAE (Standard Aeration Efficiency), and detailed reports are prepared.


Steady State

This method of testing is carried out on systems with activated sludge present. The basis of the test is to measure the rate of respiration of a sample of the sludge, and compare this with the concentration of oxygen which the aeration system can maintain in the test system.


Mixer Testing

We offer a testing service to assess the performance characteristics of all mixing systems, for example anoxic tanks, selector zones, and mixers designed to maintain suspension and homogeneity. We design and operate sampling systems for each specific application and system geometry — anything from manual dipping to timer operated automatic sampling. Methods range from tracer studies to vertical suspended solids and D.O. profiling. Again using computer software, statistical methods are employed to characterise the extent and nature of the prevalent mixing conditions within a tank; the service includes preparation of method statements, provision of all materials, site attendance, sample and data analysis, and preparation of detailed reports.



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